About Us



MON&WED 7.30PM-9.30PM, 

FRI 1PM-4PM Closed workshop for the National Gallery


Sew Last Season  is a public sewing room in Galway city for upcycling and embellishment of preloved clothes. It is a slow movement, adding time and effort to garments to imbibe them with meaning and longevity. This works as a public space for intergenerational skill sharing for those interested in crafts, sewing and upcycling.

Sustainability in Fashion is not something we address very much in this country but in my research I have found many projects both here and abroad which use different types of workshops and classes to educate in mending and creative refashioning.

As a designer, it is my responsibility to solve problems. This project I feel has awarded me the opportunity to observe and document the social impact of our progress and also give an outlet to the public to spend their time creatively. I feel very strongly about the social impacts of recycling and giving clothes a new life, instead of them being discarded.

Begineer Workshop Participants brought their own machines to learn to use them